LAUNCH of the STEMY COIN – stem cell technology backed coin

LA TOKEN has just announced what could be arguably the most appealing Initial Exchange Offering in the past decade.

It features a stem cell technology backed coin named “Stemy Coin” that is seeking FDA approval for COVID 19 stem cell treatment solutions based not only on the immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory capacity of stem cells, but also regeneration and reconstruction of damaged tissues.

BHI and Stem Cell Biotech have successfully treated 34 coronavirus patients in Wuhan. This Stem Cell technology has also been proven to effectively address cancer, strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, kidney, liver, and lung disease. GDIH First Response and Stem Cell Biotech will be rolling out 100 clinics around the world, in partnership BHI to combat Covid-19 worldwide. This could be the fastest rising digital currency in the blockchain industry.