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Welcome to the Blue Horizon Stem Cell Therapy Program and Research Center.

We are the world’s leading provider of adult and children’s stem cell research protocols. We have safely and efficiently performed more than 2,300 research procedures. We are the only treatment provider approved and associated with The Wuhan University Department of Medicine, The Biochemistry Institute of Wuhan University and the prestigious Blue Horizon International Hospital Network.

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Blue Horizon’s Stem Cell Therapy Program offers patients an opportunity to take part in ground breaking research. Patients are able to choose between allogenic umbilical, autologous adipose or bone marrow stem cells. Blue Horizon patients’ benefit from a program able to tailor research protocols to personal medical needs.

The Blue Horizon Stem Cell Therapy Program ONLY utilizes stem cells from either your own body or umbilical cord donors whom have proceeded through a multiple step testing process that ensures stem cell patient safety. Since Blue Horizon is a banking and research center, we are able to provide the most progressive stem cell transplants at a very reasonable rate and at the finest facilities in the world with United States trained and experienced physicians on staff.

Stem Cell TherapyBlue Horizon is an international healthcare management company with a new hospital concept that focuses on providing the highest quality care and service available in surgical and medical treatments. Blue Horizon hospital facilities provide patients with the most advanced technologies currently available in areas such as oncology, cardiology, adult stem cell research therapies, orthopedics, and plastic surgery.

Blue Horizon patients are treated by some of the finest physicians in the world. Blue Horizon is the established brand for the international delivery of the finest health care available and staffs medical facilities with the finest physicians through the extensive network connections of our Board of Directors, Management Team and Advisory Board Members. Blue Horizon brings both technological and organizational innovation. As an organization, Blue Horizon understands that it is imperative to ensure a safe and secure environment not only for the patients, but also the work force, and our key stakeholders.