Stem cells could be the medical innovation of the century

This article is part of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting (Davos-Klosters, Switzerland 21—24 January 2020)

The leading causes of death in 1900 were mostly infectious/communicable diseases. While the prevalence of most causes has diminished, the largest increases include heart disease (+40%) and cancer (+300%). Granted, this is partly due to doubling life expectancy and a lack of death from other causes. However, given time and resources, scientists and physicians may cure these challenging diseases.

Today, six of the seven leading causes of death are non-communicable diseases (heart disease, stroke, lung diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes). Regenerative medicine may be our best hope to solve the great non-communicable diseases of our time, and perhaps the single most transformative medical innovation in a century.

The current market for stem cell therapies is growing at 36% per year and will rapidly expand when a breakthrough treatment for non-communicable disease or a lifestyle factor occurs. With greater resources and an increasingly experienced talent pool, scientists and physicians may be able to develop stem cell science to cure the world’s most challenging diseases.

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The US-based company BHI Therapeutic Sciences (BHITS) represented by Brian Mehling, MD, Founder, Chief Medical Officer, and his team attended the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos. BHITS is developing a stem cell technology to support regenerative repair with the intent of avoiding surgery as a final option. BHITS believes stem cells possess the potential to treat various diseases, to extend lifespans and to improve the quality of life for certain patients.  For more information please visit


Brian Mehling, MD has been invited to present his research at the 17th Annual World Congress of the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics being held at the JW Marriott, in Los Angeles, California from Friday March 20-Sunday March 22.

The conference will bring together physicians, scientists, policy makers, funding agencies and industry to further the advances and applications in brain and spinal cord mapping and image guided therapies (operative and non-operative).

Dr. Mehling is the founder and chief medical officer of BHI Therapeutic Sciences. He is a practicing American orthopedic trauma surgeon, researcher, and philanthropist. He is spearheading groundbreaking research in stem cell therapy focused on treatment and research using stem cells.
His presentation is entitled Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury and the objective of this retrospective cohort study was to analyze the muscle, nerve, urinary, and gastrointestinal function in subjects with spinal cord injury, treated with either human umbilical cord blood-derived mononuclear cells or conventional therapy. “Allogeneic umbilical cord blood mononuclear cell therapy in 30 subjects with spinal cord injury showed significant improvement in pain and temperature sensation, lower limb muscle strength, bladder function, and gastrointestinal function compared to a conventional therapy group,” Dr. Mehling said.

“We are focused on bringing advanced stem cell therapies within reach of a wider audience, “said Dr. Mehling. We envision a future in which stem cells are preferred over many surgical, pharmacological, and rehabilitative medical services,” he added.

Dr. Mehling and his colleagues are conducting clinical investigations to evaluate the safety and efficacy of adult stem cells in therapy of chronic inflammation, musculoskeletal conditions, stroke, spinal cord injury and other medical conditions.

BHI Therapeutic Sciences is pioneering ethical, effective, safe and affordable stem cell treatment therapies utilizing cord blood stem cells. Its stem cell products evaluated in clinical studies are collected in accordance with Good Tissue Practice to ensure safety. The studies have been conducted following approval by an Investigational Research Board and in accordance with Good Clinical Practice. Results show its cellular products are safe and effective in the improvement of symptoms related to chronic inflammation, spinal cord injury, stroke, musculoskeletal disorders and other medical conditions. Multiple studies of umbilical cord blood derived stem cell therapies and adipose-derived stem cell therapies are currently under investigation in clinical trials for a wide-range of medical conditions and show promising results. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given BHITS approval to proceed with an Investigational New Drug (IND) application allowing for the initiation of a clinical study of an FDA-approved cell therapy (HCP, cord blood) for treatment of acute ischemic stroke. For more information, please visit
The Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT) is a non-profit society organized for the purpose of encouraging basic and clinical scientists who are interested in areas of Brain Mapping, engineering, stem cell, nanotechnology, imaging and medical device to improve the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients afflicted with neurological disorders.
This society promotes public welfare and improves patient care through the translation of new technologies/therapies into lifesaving diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The society is committed to excellence in education, and scientific discovery. The society achieves its mission through multi-disciplinary collaborations with government agencies, patient advocacy groups, educational institutes and industry as well as philanthropic organization.


The 2020 World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos will explore the ideas, innovations and discoveries that are reshaping our world by working closely with those in the vanguard of change from such fields as the arts, culture, engineering, media, medicine, science, and technology.
The US-based company BHI Therapeutic Sciences (BHITS) represented by Brian Mehling, MD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer; Klara Doert, President of International Business Development; Katarina Novakova, MSc, President of BHI Slovakia ; Alan Pereira, President of BHI Brazil ; Marko Cuka, CTO; and Melieck Robinson, International Consultant; is set to attend the annual meeting and participate in conversations, networking events, and attend sessions and panel discussions. This is the eight year, the organization will send representatives to the meeting.
Dr. Mehling explained what stem cells could mean to global health, and how it is creating a future in which many chronic conditions and diseases will be managed with stem cells rather than allopathic medicine or traditional medicine.
“Stem cell treatments are, without a doubt, the future of medicine.” Dr. Mehling states. “It is very important that people making decision on what direction the world will take in regards to research and medical treatments, are educated about not only the possibilities in stem cell research but also about all the treatments that are already available for many patients with different chronic conditions, ” he added.
“By strategically placing our clinic in Slovakia, the heart of Europe, the most innovative research and treatments within the stem cell field is available for the global markets, just 45 minutes away from Vienna International airport, “ said Ms. Novakova.
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Orthopedic surgeon Brian Mehling, MD and his research team at BHI Therapeutic Sciences will exhibit at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons 2020 Annual Meeting, March 24 – 28, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

The team will present the results of their study entitled “Adipose Tissue-Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells Application in Subjects with Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis: Retrospective Chart Review Study.” Their results will be presented at booth #1004 located in the West Concourse of the convention center.

“Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the most common reasons that patients seek medical care. The most common musculoskeletal problems are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, said Dr. Mehling. “Adipose tissue-derived Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) cell therapy is a promising therapeutic option for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis,” he added.

 Dr. Mehling and his team conducted the current retrospective chart review study to analyze the therapeutic efficacy of SVF cells administration in 350 subjects with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. In the period from 2015 to 2018, 350 subjects received an intra- articular injection of autologous SVF cells at the Malacky Hospital (Bratislava, Slovakia). The hospital is fully licensed by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic to offer cord blood, bone marrow and adipose stem cell derived treatments at Malacky Hospital in Bratislava, Slovakia. The study was approved by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic and by the Institutional Review Board of the Institute of Regenerative and Cellular Medicine (IRCM-2017- 137). 

“Charts were reviewed, and information from subjects’ pain and mobility assessment scales, conducted seven days, three, six and 12 months after therapy, was collected in the data collection forms,” said Marina Manvelyan, Ph.D., clinical research scientist, BHI Therapeutic Sciences.   

Assessment of pain and mobility was conducted seven days, three, six and 12 months after SVF cell therapy. Significant decrease in subjects’ pain levels and improvement in mobility were observed three, six and 12 months compared to seven days after therapy. The therapy demonstrated a strong safety profile with no severe adverse events or complications reported.

Dr. Mehling is a practicing American orthopedic trauma surgeon and researcher. He is spearheading groundbreaking research in stem cell therapy. Notably, BHITS is currently engaged in an FDA Investigational New Drug trial for stroke, using human umbilical cord blood (hUCB) stem cells. 

Dr. Mehling started his path in medicine through undergraduate study at Harvard University, obtaining his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Biochemistry from Ohio State University.

Completing his degree of medicine at Wright State University School of Medicine, Dr. Mehling received post graduate education through residencies and fellowships at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Paterson, NJ and the Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, while pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry (which he is currently completing at Seton Hall University).

Dr. Mehling operates practices in northern New Jersey and Long Island, New York where he is on staff at Good Samaritan Hospital, Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack University Medical Center at Pascack Valley, Hackensack Meridian Palisades Medical Center, Hudson Regional Hospital, St. Joseph’s Medical Center, and St. Joseph’s Wayne Medical Center.

Founded in 1933, the Academy is the preeminent provider of musculoskeletal education to orthopaedic surgeons and others in the world. Its continuing medical education activities include a world-renowned Annual Meeting, multiple CME courses held around the country and at the Orthopaedic Learning Center, and various medical and scientific publications and electronic media materials.

Blue Horizon International Ambassador Lance Palmer becomes PFL’s first multi-millionaire

On December 31, 2019, Lance Palmer celebrated the new year by defeating Alex Gilpin in a unanimous decision win at Madison Square Garden. The victory gave Palmer the featherweight title for the second year in a row, and another million dollars.
Palmer—a former All-American wrestler and current MMA champion in the Featherweight Division—credits stem cell treatments from Blue Horizon International (BHI) with a greater feeling of overall health and energy, and more rapid recovery from training. Palmer received his treatments at the BHI Jamaica, Montego Bay Clinic. “My first stem cell treatment was in 2016,” says Palmer. “I would definitely recommend stem cells to athletes: it helps with the recovery process, preventing injury, and increase in overall energy. I’ve gotten better in the last two years than I have the previous six. I highly recommend Dr. Brian Mehling. He has been most helpful and explained the process step by step. I’ve had a great experience in BHI Jamaica.” BHI Therapeutics Jamaica provides access to stem cell therapies to patients who may benefit from these treatments. We engage in collaborative relationships with leading scientists and physicians across the globe, utilizing stem cells from either your own body (autologous) or from umbilical cord donors. These donors go through a rigorous testing process to ensure their safety.We do not use embryonic stem cells, nor will we ever—health and safety are our number one priority. We ensure the highest standards of patient safety at our Jamaica Clinic through the collaborative efforts of a Scientific Advisory Board, Ethics Committee, and a staff of US board-certified Physicians. BHI Therapeutics Jamaica provides therapies for neurologic disorders,autoimmune diseases, and orthopedics conditions. For more information please visit

Blue Horizon International exhibits at World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine in Las Vegas

Blue Horizon International (BHI), Alpha Blu Skin Care, BHI Therapeutic Sciences, and BHI Rejuve participated in the 27th World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Exhibition in Las Vegas, December 13-15, 2019.
Brian Mehling, M.D. , Founder and Chief Medical Officer of BHI was joined by Klara Doert, President of International Business Development; Katarina Novakova, Director of Relations; Alan DaSilvaPereira, President of BHI Brazil; Fidel Desmar, Clinical Research Coordinator; Ralph Moffetone and John-David Grayson from Industrial Motion Pictures.
BHI Therapeutic Sciences (BHITS) is led by an accomplished scientific and medical team and draws on its relationship with international partners who have successfully treated thousands of patients with stem cell therapy. BHITS was formed to perform research regarding, and to monetize, stem cell technology and associated regenerative medicine. Stem cells are a special type of human cell that can be used to regenerate the human body, in some cases, without drugs or surgery. Regenerative medicine professionals will soon seek to use stem cells to treat various diseases, to extend lifespans and improve the quality of life for certain patients
BHI Rejuve program focuses on anti-aging of the human body, with the help of a complex of vitamins, hormones and stem cell therapy. But the anti-aging part of BHI activities is only one component. Its program is more complex and offers advanced stem cell therapy to patients worldwide.