Dr. Hansjörg Lammers, DMD, PhD Holistic Dentist, studied holistic dentistry at the private University of Witten/Herdecke in Germany from 1985-1990. He is a practicing dentist, lecturer, author and a developer of nutraceuticals since 1991. Moreover he is the adviser of the medical society for comprehensive biological therapies at own international conferences since 15 years. Dr. Hansjörg Lammers is the head of the FirstBioDentSpa-Clinic (a first class Anti-Aging-, Detox- & Preventive Medicine Facility) in Düsseldorf/Germany. During his practical career he specializes in regulative medicine, bio-compatible dental care, metal free dentistry included zirconium implants, detoxifying and nutritional dentistry, especially in diseases like Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), MS, ALS, Autism and Cancer. Brain Detoxification of heavy metals is one of his favourites. In 1995 he founded the Institute for Integrative and Preventive Medicine (IIPM) in Germany for the support of detoxifying treatments in all chronic diseased patients. He is particularly very active as a lecturer for academic organisations like the International Society of Holistic Dentistry – GZM/Germany, the Interdisciplinary Society of Environmental Medicine/Germany, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology I.A.O.M.T. – Florida/USA, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine A4M – Chicago/USA, the Medical Society of Experience in Medicine – Stuttgart/Germany, for the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine GSAAM/Germany and for the German Society for Environmental Dentistry DGUZ/Germany. Dr. Lammers is a key-note speaker for the Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization in Europe from
Dr. Thierry Hertoghe/Belgium. Hansjörg Lammers is in the Scientific Advisory Board of the FirstBioDentAcademy in Germany. In addition, he was a key-note speaker at the Arabian Conference of the Saudi Autistic Society and a consulting medical practitioner for holistic medical care at the Specialized Medical Center Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Since 1999, he has published more than 80 papers, scientific articles and contributions to books. Hansjörg Lammers has an abundance of experience in detoxification- and orthomolecular medicine. He is well known in Germany and abroad for Anti-Aging-Therapies with Detoxification and Nutrients and for Functional Medicine with nutraceuticals, especially with high-dose Vitamin C and Chelation administrations (i.v. or oral liposomal) with minerals in chronic illnesses. He has been proved as a dynamic speaker and is welcome around a range of US-Conferences about Nutritional- and Preventive Medicine on a regular basis.