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Our Team

Meet our team of highly trained professionals

The team at Blue Horizon Stem Cells and Blue Horizon International is comprised of world-renown and board certified physicians and administrative staff. Most have Ivy League educations and all have 20 plus years experience in their disciplines.

Dr. Brian Mehling – Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Brian Mehling is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Blue Horizon International, LLC.

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Dr. Steven Kendell – Director of Clinical Research
Dr. Kendell joined Blue Horizon International, LLC January 2011 as The Director of Clinical Research.

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Dr. Doncheng Wu –
Dr. Wu is currently a Professor Wuhan University School of Basic Medical Science, Chu Tian Scholar, and Director of the Stem Cell Centre, Hongqiao Brain Hospital.

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Klara Doert – Director of International Relations
Mrs. Doert directs and coordinates Blue Horizon Stem Cell International Relations and Communications Department.

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