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What Are Stem Cells?

What Are Stem Cells?

stem cellsStem cells are essentially “blank slate” cells that possess the remarkable potential to differentiate to any one of the billions of cells that form the diverse tissues of the human body. In addition, stem cells have the power to divide virtually without limits and convert or develop into specialized cells that can replace injured or damaged tissue. For example, stem cells may differentiate into bone marrow cells that replenish the tissues within certain bones of the body. Stem cell therapy can be performed to increase the number and/or the effectiveness of how stem cells work.Adult stem cells are found in the brain, blood, fat, skin and muscle tissues and act as an internal repair system of the body. These cells do not possess any specialized characteristics and cannot perform any specific function of the body until they become specialized. Unlike specialized cells that eventually become worn out and die, stem cells retain the ability to either divide into a new stem cell copy, or convert into the specialized cells that form body organs and tissues.Due to the unique qualities of regeneration, stem cells have presented modern science with new and exciting opportunities using stem cell therapy to treat certain diseases and conditions. New discoveries are shedding light on the application of stem cell research techniques in the quest to treat certain neurological traumas such as spinal cord injury, diabetes, cardiac injury, Alzheimer’s disease and other injuries that may improve with the regeneration of damaged tissues. In addition, possessing the ability to manage the differentiation of stem cells could provide new therapies for the promotion of restoration, health and wellness.
We are testing new and exciting applications for the potential uses of stem cells, which may include:

  •  The repair or replacement of organs that are generated from specialized cells and transplanted to restore the injured, damaged or missing body organ from Parkinson disease to spinal cord injuries
  • Providing stem cell therapy to restore certain body functions, such as the revitalization of a diabetic pancreas to create and regulate insulin


We continue to test new applications for the management of diseases and conditions that may provide safer and more effective treatments than ever before.